I have three two customer-own type argon tanks for sale here, two one @125 cubic feet, and one @250 cubic feet. located Gainesville FL

tank B (middle tank in 'group shots' below, had a green cap) is sold and gone.
should be pretty easy to figure out (in a few of the images below) which one tank B was; I've "roped it off" with white rope and yarn :-)

all tanks have their correct caps, correct CGA-580 valves, and have *exceptionally* current hydro-test dates, as you can plainly see in the closeups. asking $200 each for the 125's but not sure what to ask for the 250 cubic footer. if the price doesn't suit, offers can be welcome

prefer pickup in person, or I can drop (one, or both) at your "truck freight terminal of choice" if you make arrangements.

for your convenience (and mine - the tanks are stored 15 miles from where I live) pictures on this site are huge, crystal clear, and are all of the actual tanks I'm selling, like they are now, right down to the last detail, micro-scratch, and grain of dust.

this site shows all letters, numbers, and stampings of each of the tanks, one by one in turn, particularly the top areas, with good clear closeups. I spun each tank around roughly a quarter-turn at a time for each successive shot (the taped-on crude 'index numbers' helped me quarter-turn each tank for the shots). jump right to the hydro-test date stamp for 125 cuft tank A, or 250 cuft tank C.

below the thumbs on index 2 are the complete dimensions of both tanks.

other welding-related stuff (indexes 2 & 3, this site): *genuine* Bernard 45V62 TIG power cable connectors for water-cooled TIG torches (solid bronze, brand new), some tig torch backcaps (also brand new, and I'll SWAP these, too, for other backcaps that fit MY weldcraft torch). and some *real* bernard Q-200 200 amp MIG gun nozzles, numbers 4391 and 4392, genuine, not chinese knockoffs. also have some *brand*new* handles for the same K&K 200 amp "E-Z Feed" MIG gun (original to the dip-pak 200 mig welder, made by airco, clone of the bernard Q-200 gun). I'll swap ANY of this stuff for things on my wants list, too. this doesn't mean I've "gone stupid" and want to swap stuff worth hundreds for a bag of rusty bent bolts, or other relatively worthless things on my wants list, though, OK, guys?

other stuff available too, if you're coming this way: all sorts of misc tools, hardware, shop equipment, etc. check my current wants list because it's online right here.

I need a nice 250 amp or better rated one of these dealies, amongst other things. offers can be nice, swap proposals welcome, cash always welcome, paypal (or partial paypal) might be OK, money orders or ACH transfers are better, checks are a nuisance, scammers not welcome, all questions answered promptly. thanks guys.

 please see important info in the blurb box (below thumbnails) before proceeding - thanks 

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both remaining tanks (A & C) are empty.

in some of the closeups, you'll see 'taped on' handwritten letter-numbers, like A1, A2, etc etc - I did that to 'divide' the tank top areas roughly into four quarters, so I'd be sure to take pix of the entire upper area on each tank "from all angles"

I'm guessing you'll ask your gas supplier (to look at the images on this site) and see if he's going to FILL the tank/tanks of your choice BEFORE you buy it (or them, if more than one). I'm pretty sure we all know tank-fill policies vary widely among gas suppliers - some will fill whatever tank "walks in off the street", others will fill customer-owned tanks you bought elsewhere (with a receipt, or bill of sale, and sometimes without), and still others will fill only tanks you bought directly from them. which means: I'm not familiar with what your local gas suppliers tank-fill "policy" is; you'll have to ask them. my guess is the more they want to keep you as a customer the more inclined they'd be inclined to 'let' you have your tank filled there.

images on this site are *huge* (at 1024 x 768), meaning navigation will be *far* easier for windows (and most mac) users if you'll press your F-11 key now (and again when done here).

bandwidth-constained folks might want to flip through the thumbnail indexes first. users with small monitors can quickly view the captions by using their 'home' and 'end' keys. my home and/or cell phone numbers provided on request. there's an e-mail link at the bottom of every page. any questions please ask. thanks.

for grins, take a look at the gigantic 40 inch throat metalcutting bandsaw I'm selling...

e-mail dave

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